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CJ Albertson's Training Tips for the Marathon

Professional runner, CJ Albertson, shares tips to help prepare for your marathon.
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Shifting your Perspective through Injury

Pro triathlete, Clarice Chastang, discusses the importance of shifting your perspective with injury setbacks.
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5 Tips to Deter your Pre-Race Jitters

Professional Obstacle Course Racer, Ashley Heller, shares her tips and tricks get rid of pre race jitters and ultimately race better.
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Sur's Guide To The 2022 Chicago Marathon
Sur's Guide to the 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
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6 Do's and Dont's for Preseason Winter Training from a Pro Triathlete
Pro athlete Amanda Wendorff shares her preseason tips for how to get through winter as an endurance athlete, and come out stronger in the end.
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The Great Race: Celebrating Lunar New Year
The story of The Great Race determined the order of the zodiac animals and speaks to personality traits associated with each animal of the zodiac. Which zodiac animal are you?
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The Year In Sport
We challenged, you participated, we crunched the data. In 2021, we put on 3 unique Strava Challenges with amazing rewards. Now, we’ve compiled the data. See how you’ve contributed.
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Mindfulness: How Being Present Can Help You Make The Most Of Every Moment

Adding mindfulness to your training is a simple and effective way to support your fitness goals by improving the quality of your workouts and helping you make the most of every moment, whether you’re sweating it out or spending time with friends, family, and work.

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Training Tips for Injury-Prone Runners
2019 Spartan World Champion, Nicole Mericle, gives us her tips and tricks to stay healthy while running.
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