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The Little Things Add up to the Big Things

Jackie Hering with her two kids Image provided by Jackie Hering

Everyday we have a million tiny decisions that can either bring us closer to our goals and the person we want to become or they can move us away from it. Each of these little choices might not seem significant in the big picture of our day, month, or year, but I have found that each choice leads to another that can take you down the path you want or the other way. It’s the snowball effect of daily choices that add up to our habits, routines and lifestyle. 

When I became a mom 5 years ago I knew I wanted to continue to race as a professional triathlete. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy endeavor and found that my mind was the most powerful tool I had in making my goals a reality. Our minds are much stronger than we give them credit for! For many of us, once a decision is made and a goal is determined all that’s left is to lay the path.  We must clear time in our schedule to make it happen and then make choices that support the journey. Telling yourself you have no time, no self control, no motivation, etc. are all self protection mechanisms your brain is enacting to prevent you from fully committing to your goals.  Don’t be tricked! 

Making one BIG decision to pursue your goal is fairly easy and sets you on the path. Next, it is up to you to ask this question of every small decision “Does this support my goals?”.  From pushing snooze in the morning, grabbing junk food or staying up too late, if optimal performance is part of your goals, asking that question might at least give you a moment of pause to consider your choice. Of course we are human and aren’t perfect….and it’s important to have some fun. But that is part of it too! Give yourself space to focus and work hard AND space to unwind and relax. 

So I challenge you to go all in on yourself. Develop the habits, routines and choices that make you feel your best and you will start to perform your best! 

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