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Tom Sampson: Professional Mountain Biker

Tom Sampson in his bike helmet Photo Provided by Tom Sampson

Tom Sampson

Sport: Mountain Biking

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Tom is a professional mountain biker originally from New Hampshire. Originally, his focus was on UCI XC races such as World Cups, US Cups, and Canada Cups. When he found himself lacking motivation in 2018 je decided to make the jump to Enduro where competed in Enduro World Series and multi day blind enduro races such as the Trans BC or Trans NZ enduros.

Now he has found a happy medium racing what he considers the most fun races around. Gravel, Marathon XC, and Enduro. The challenge of doing a bit of everything keeps him motivated and maximizes the fun.

Top Achievements: 

  • 44th Mont Saint Anne World Cup XC
  • 1st Yakru Enduro Nepal
  • 2nd Trans NZ enduro
  • 3rd Trans BC enduro
  • 3rd US Cup XC Boston

3 words to describe Tom: Adventurous, Fun, Hungry (for snacks)

Favorite food: Ice cream and peanut butter

Fun Fact about Tom: He has an elite level ability to find the finest sneaky taco trucks

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