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Clarice Chastang: Pro Triathlete

Clarice Chastang Running Photo by Nikolai Roster

Clarice Chastang

Sport: Triathlon

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Clarice began her multi-sport career at Syracuse University on their collegiate triathlon club team. She completed her first half-Ironman in 2014 and first Ironman in 2017. After ankle ligament reconstruction in 2018 Clarice began training consistently and qualified for Kona in 2019. After achieving her dream of racing at Kona, she qualified for her pro card in 2020 at Ironman Florida. She is currently the only active Asian American female professional triathlete racing on the long-distance circuit.

When she’s not training or racing Clarice works full time as a recreation therapist for the US Navy’s East Coast Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program.

Top Achievements: 

  • Third female Asian American professional triathlete
  • Fastest female amateur marathon Ironman Florida 2020 (3:07)

3 words to describe Clarice: Awkward, eclectic, motivated

Favorite food: Lasagna

Fun Fact about Clarice: She has a one-eyed Pitbull named Yenko

Learn more about Clarice on her website:

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