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Bill Brumbach: Trail Runner and Obstacle Course Racer

Bill Brumbach on an Obstacle during a race Photo Provided by Bill Brumbach

Bill Brumbach

Sport: Trail Running and Obstacle Course Racing

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Bill Brumbach is a long-time endurance athlete who has parlayed 20+ years of experience into a successful coaching business. He has covered Spartan Racing for media outlets since 2015. He's an avid traveler and enjoys exploring beautiful scenic trails around the United States with his wife, Joy. When he's not training hard, he's spending time with his blended family of six. 
Top Achievement: 
  • Successfully starting an endurance coaching business as well as broadcasting for Spartan Race

3 words to describe Bill: Passionate, Funny, Dedicated

Favorite food: A toss up between pizza and tacos

Fun Fact about Bill: He was a stand up comedian for a few years before he got into endurance athletics

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