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Ben Deal's Favorite Bike Workout

Ben Deal on his time trial bike Photo provided by Ben Deal
Ben Deal riding his time trial bike Photo provided by Ben Deal

Focused low cadence work can pay huge dividends when it comes to bike strength and durability. While we shouldn't be spending much time during a race grinding away, having the ability to do so if needed without tanking your legs for the rest of the day is crucial. My favorite low cadence workout is a tough but achievable grind to get your legs stronger for race day!

Take one capsule of AltRed 1 hour before the start of the workout!

15 minute warm up, build slightly throughout

8 x [5 minutes 100-105% FTP (odds low cadence (60-70rpm), evens normal cadence) 3 minutes easy]

10 minute cool down

Feel free to do 6 or 10 intervals instead depending on how long of a workout you want! I always find that the low cadence intervals feel easier than the normal cadence in the beginning and get harder as the workout goes on. Cadence is more important than the exact power numbers here, so if you need to alter your target a little bit to finish the workout, go ahead!

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