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Ben Deal: Pro Triathlete

Ben Deal Smiling Photo provided by Ben Deal

Ben Deal

Sport: Triathlon

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

After jumping from sport to sport for years, Ben eventually stumbled into triathlon and knew it was a sport tailored to his strengths. Thankfully, soon after finding the ‘sport’ love of his life, he found the ‘love’ love of his life, now wife and fellow pro triathlete, Summer Deal. Married and then living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the prospect of competing at the top level of the sport became a reality. He qualified as a pro before the 2019 season and wasted no time integrating into the pro field, fighting into the top 10 at five 70.3 races in my rookie year. A huge nerd and a student of all things aero, Ben reads about bikes nearly as much as he ride them!

Top Achievements: 

  • 5 top 10 70.3 finishes in rookie year as a pro
  • 6th at 2021 70.3 Augusta

3 words to describe Ben: Hakuna, matata, analytical

Favorite food: Bowl w/ tortilla on the side, white rice, black beans, chicken, mild, a little bit of medium, corn, guac, lettuce.

Fun Fact about Ben: He trained sled dogs for a year in Maine when he was 20

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