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Staying Thankful

Jackie Hering and her Family on a Fishing Trip Photo Provided by Jackie Hering

With the adversity and challenges that 2020 has brought us, we want to take some time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. We checked in with some of our professional athletes to see what they are thankful for. Here’s what they had to say.

"I'm thankful to wake up everyday and have the opportunity and support to do what I love, while representing my country and inspiring everyone affected by diabetes worldwide.” - Mandy Marquardt, Professional Track Cyclist & Olympic-hopeful

Mandy doing post workout stretches Photo Provided by Mandy

“Grateful for time with my little family now and always” - Mirinda Carfrae, Professional Triathlete

Rinny with her family Photo provided by Rinny

“I am grateful for the opportunity to spend more time at home with my wife Jeanni and dog Milli. I’m thankful for the select races I have been able to compete in during 2020. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the time this year has given me to focus on areas of my life outside of triathlon that will hopefully set my career up for success in years to come!” - Justin Metzler, Professional Triathlete

Justin Metzler Photo by Kenny Withrow

 “I am thankful for a healthy body and a family to share my love of the outdoors with!” - Jackie Hering, Professional Triathlete

Jackie Hering with her family Photo Provided by Jackie

"This year has been so difficult on so many levels. It has really made me thankful that I have the opportunity to do what I love and try to make a living doing so. When the competitions were taken away, it really made me realize how much I was taking for granted. " - Matt Hanson, Professional Triathlete

Matt Hanson running in Campeche Mexico Photo provided by Matt

“This year I am learning to take nothing for granted. I'm especially grateful to have my health and a wonderful family around me. I'm also very pleased to have been able to toe the start line.” - Sam Long, Professional Triathlete 

Sam Long drinking out of AltRed Water bottle Photo provided by Sam

“I am so Thankful for my dog Milli, no matter what kind of day I am having she always finds a way to make me smile.” - Jeanni Seymour, Professional Triathlete

Jeanni with pup Milli Photo provided by Jeanni

“This year I am thankful for good health, happiness and for extra time with my family back home in Australia. I am thankful for my amazing sponsors who have stood by me this year, despite the difficulties faced by all” - Professional Triathlete, Ellie Salthouse

Ellie with a puppy Photo provided by Ellie

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