Isabella De Meo

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

Stanford Triathlon (2018- 3rd in AG), South Bay Duathlon (2018- 1st in AG), Santa Cruz Half Marathon, Sea Otter Classic Cyclocross Cat 5 (2018- 2nd place Cat 5), Sea Otter Classic Cat 5 Cross Country, Wildflower Experience Triathlon Off Road Sprint (2018- 1st in AG), Wildflower Experience Triathlon Olympic, Dip and Dash Aquathon (2018 2nd in AG), DSB Mountain Bike Sprint Triathlon (2018- 2nd woman overall), Tri Santa Cruz Olympic (2018- 4th in AG), Santa Cruz Triathlon Olympic (2018 2nd in AG), T9 Mermaid Triathlon.

How AltRed has impacted my training:

Soooooo you know the rule “don’t try anything new on race day”? Well I broke the rule! I have been wanting to try AltRed since Kona 2017. When I was in Waco for the HIM I came across the AltRed booth and thought to myself ‘What the heck, Waco is a training race for me so go for it”! With that I bought AltRed in Waco and gave it a go on my long training day. Since it was a training day/ race I was not going to go all out. I used the capsules as recommended and had a PR on the bike! Somewhere along the way I lost my capsules at about mile 50 on the bike and was unable to take AltRed for the run. I noticed a big difference in how I felt on the bike vs how I felt on the run. Dadgumit for losing the AltRed capsules! I was hoping for an overall PR after the bike! Anyhow, I did have a PR on the bike and came in 4th in my AG on a good, long training day. I am sure my bike time has something to do with the AltRed.