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Nutrim To Go


4-serving pouch

On-the-go travel option, 2-day supply, 4-serving pouch

Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan 60 Servings


60-serving pouch

At home opotion, 2 month supply, 60-serving pouch
High-concentration oat beta-glucans
Plant-based + Vegan
Stirs easily into food or drink
Healthy fat substitute for cooking

Unleash the benefits of beta-glucans

Nutrim’s unqiue processing unleashes oat beta-glucans from the tough oat cell wall making them easier for your body to absorb.

So, why Soluble Fiber?

Beta-glucans are a unique form of soluble dietary fiber found in oats that can promote health benefits in smaller doses. Each 7.5g serving of Nutrim is concentrated and contains 750mg of beta-glucans, 25% of the daily recommended 3 grams.*