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Why You Should Take AltRed

Whether a performance-focused or recreational athlete, you’re likely to be constantly looking for ways to improve to train and perform at your peak. Have you ever felt stuck in a training plateau? Or do you often feel that you are failing to recover after your workouts? Have you been consistent at hitting the gym and not feeling stronger? Pushing the limits on your training can come at a cost to both performance and recovery. AltRed is clinically proven to be a reliable, clean, plant-based nutrient to perform at your peak and keep your and recovery time down. 

Unlike other sports nutrition products that are designed to fuel your working muscles, keep you hydrated, or replenish electrolytes, AltRed works to allow your aerobic system to function at its optimal level. Studied at leading university sports performance labs in the US, AltRed has been clinically proven to improve oxygen delivery to your working muscles thus raising your lactic acid threshold. In addition, AltRed has been proven to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage to help you get back to training faster. Here we’ll dive into the power of Betalains in AltRed and how the science shows that AltRed is better than beets.


  • AltRed is a 25% betalain extract. In comparison, typical beetroot supplements have 1% or less betalains. 
  • AltRed works to allow the aerobic system to function optimally and is designed to help athletes break through training plateaus and improve recovery between workouts.
  • Betalains have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • The use of our proprietary extraction technology increases the bioavailability of betalains in AltRed compared to betalains found in beets or other natural sources by removing nitrates and sugars. 
  • By separating out and removing the nitrates and sugar, AltRed betalains bioavailability is 1,000% higher than could be achieved by consuming fresh beets, beet juices, or beetroot powders.
  • Unlike other sports nutrition products that are designed to fuel your working muscles, or help to keep you hydrated, AltRed works to allow your aerobic system to function at its optimal level.
  • Scientific studies in athletes using AltRed have resulted in faster times, decreased perceived exertion, increased watt output, increased exercise efficiency, reduced exercise-induced muscle damage, and decreased lactate acid production.

    The Power of Betalains

    What exactly are betalains? Betalains are phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that through our extraction process become bioavailable, or highly available to the body. In the form of AltRed, betalains have actions in the body that improve performance and promote recovery. 

    While beet or beetroot has been sought after by athletes for its potential to improve performance, our scientific research has led us to formulate AltRed to be 1000% more available than betalains from beet products (Van Hoorbeke). This is achieved in our extraction process that removes both nitrates and sugar-- two components of native betalains found in beets products that make them less available. In addition, AltRed betalains have been found to be powerful in stimulating the formation of a unique form of nitric oxide, HbNO, within the body itself. This unique form promotes vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow to the muscles during exercise while reducing oxidative muscle damage (Lundberg). HbNO is a long-lived form of nitric oxide and lasts in the body 10,000 times longer than a nitric oxide (NO) molecule. (Helms) 

    What the Science Says for Performance and Recovery

    At Sur PhytoPerformance our goal is to help active individuals not only take their training and performance to the next level, but also optimize their recovery between workouts. Because of this, we have conducted three double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials-- the gold standard in research. We focused our research to look specifically at trained athletes who participated in running, cycling, and triathlon. Here is what the results showed:

    Faster 5k times:

    A study at UC Davis found that competitive distance runners performed an average of 3% faster in a 5km time trial when they used AltRed. In addition to the time improvement, runners using AltRed also saw a 15% lower RPE (rate of perceived exertion). (Van Hoorbeeke)

    Another study at UC Davis looked at the 5km time trial performance in triathletes. The triathletes using AltRed reported average times that were 3% faster than the control group. The 5km in this study was performed 24 hours after a 10k time trial for both study groups demonstrating improved performance and recovery in the athletes receiving AltRed. (Montenegro)

    More average watts and improved cycling efficiency:

    Researchers at Auburn University studied the effects of AltRed on cycling performance. In comparison to the placebo group, those receiving AltRed saw an average watt increase of 3.5% during a 30 minute functional threshold power (FTP) test. In addition to an increase in watts, there was an average increase of 5.4% in cycling efficiency. (Mumford)

    Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage:

    In addition to improved 5k performance in triathletes, Montenegro et. al found that blood levels of a key indicator of muscle damage, Creatine Kinase (CK), was 9% lower with AltRed. CK is an enzyme found mainly in the muscles that is released when there is muscle damage. Chronically elevated levels of CK can lead to muscle fatigue, injury and decreased performance. (Coutts)

    Reduced blood lactate concentration:

    An athlete’s ability to recover from workouts is equally as important as their performance. Van Hoorbeeke et. al found a 14% reduction in blood lactate levels in the runners receiving AltRed post 5k time trial, indicating improved recovery in comparison to the control group.


    Better Than Beets

    Based on extensive scientific research, we’ve formulated AltRed to be more impactful on performance and recovery than beetroot. AltRed is a 25% betalain extract made from non-GMO red beets sourced from US farms. By comparison, the typical beetroot supplement contains 1% or less betalains. In addition to this, our proprietary extraction technology increases the bioavailability, or how much is absorbed by the body, of betalains by 1,000%. This amount cannot be matched by consuming fresh beets, beet juices, or beetroot powders.

    Beyond our powerful proprietary extract, Sur Phytoperformance continues to be focused on bringing you clean, plant-based nutrients. As an athlete, you can rest assured that our products meet third party certification requirements by NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport. AltRed also contains no sugar, caffeine, or other added stimulants. We have also begun to transition from gelatin capsules to our new vegan capsule. 


    How to Use AltRed in Your Training

    To get the greatest benefit we recommend taking one capsule one to two hours prior to exercise. It can be taken on a full or empty stomach. If you’re exercising for longer than two hours continue to take one capsule every two hours until you finish your workout. As with any supplement, if you have a medical condition or take regular medications we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to using AltRed. 

    Still unsure of what to expect when taking AltRed? Generally, an athlete taking AltRed should notice the ability to sustain activities beyond their usual limit. You may also notice improved recovery with fresher legs and less soreness. Wherever your fitness takes you, AltRed can help take your performance and recovery to the next level.

    AltRed 30 ct
    AltRed 30 ct
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    AltRed 90 ct
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    AltRed 30 ct + Immunity Bundle
    AltRed 30 ct + Immunity Bundle
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    AltRed 90 ct + Immunity Bundle
    AltRed 90 ct + Immunity Bundle
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    Stevie Lyn Smith MS, RDN, CSSD, CDN
    As a Registered Dietitian and Ironman athlete, Stevie enjoys combining her passions to help educate others on how to fuel for overall health and performance without sacrificing their health or happiness. When she’s not swimming, biking, running, you'll find her out hiking with her dog or creating simple but delicious recipes. Check out https://stevielynrd.com to learn more about how she helps athletes fuel a positive relationship with food and their training.


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