These athletes are experiencing the performance benefits of AltRed*

  • AltRed has allowed me to train harder at a lower perceived effort, with a quicker recovery time.

    Nicholas Zambek
    Mountain Biking
  • AltRed is an amazing product! I first learned about it at Ironman Florida and have been a loyal consumer ever since. I have seen numerous gains while running, biking and swimming will taking this product. I believe this product is also benefiting my strength training, with no additional changes I have seen numerous gains in the gym. I can not imagine training for Ironman UK and Ironman Florida without it.

    Dennis Wright
  • AltRed has been instrumental in my training and racing this past year! I feel fresher, more powerful, and my aerobic engine is so much stronger when I take AltRed! It has been a game changer and was a big part in helping me qualify for my pro card!

    Lisa Becharas
  • I want to reach and help people in remote parts of the world be healthy through running/climbing. I feel that if my supplement is 100% natural it come across better. I also feel better about putting it in my body compared to other products.

    Patrick Williams
    Running, Climbing, Cycling
  • During my 70.3 in Puerto Rico, I felt an immediate response when mental and physical activation was needed. Many of us know during those longer sessions or races there are always those mental speed bumps, physical fatigue or muscle soreness. When this occurred during the race I was able respond quickly and get back what needed to be done.

    Everyday I wake up and begin the day with Altred. This product is a part of the lifestyle I live. The product gives me a clear mind, and make performance and recovery a breeze.

    David Quinn
    Swim Bike Run
  • I know my AltRed is working when the tail end of my workout feels a little downhill with a little tailwind push.

    Alec Tripp
    Swimming, biking, running, and eating
  • I’ve been honestly very surprised by how much better my training and race performance has been since I started using AltRed. I not only am able to buffer the burning in my muscles better, but seem to fatigue a lot less.

    Susan Oyler
    Swimming + Biking + Running = Triathlon :-)
  • I am always looking to push myself in new ways, different ultra marathons and bigger, harder, and farther races. Going into new races, I know I’ll be able to accomplish the feat, but with AltRed I know I will be able to finish stronger, feeling better with a faster recovery.

    Alex Rubin
    Backpacking, triathlons, ultra running, marathons
  • I have been using AltRed for about four months and it has been amazing for me. I’m running Faster and recovering quicker than when I didn’t use it. I truly believe in the product and I love it!

    Scott Johnson
  • At my age of 43, I look for any advantage I can to improve my endurance, performance, and recovery. I’ve been using AltRed for three months now and can honestly say that I believe it has made a difference in both my recovery and performance. I feel my biggest gains have been in the recovery and the time it takes to recover and feel strong for the next ride.

    I am on either my mountain or road bike, six days a week. At least two of these rides are high intensity. At least two of these are endurance. I weight train twice a week. I use AltRed, daily. Before a high intensity ride or race, I take it two hours before and then during.

    Tamatha Risner
    Cycling, Endurance Racing
  • I’ve been using AltRed for about 2 months now and love the results I have been getting and also love that it is a plant-based supplement!! As an endurance (mainly triathlons) athlete I can really see the difference, especially on the back end of my long runs and also in transitioning between disciplines.

    I was very pleased with my first year of using AltRed! I was really impressed with how AltRed helped me in day to day recovery/soreness and how great my legs would feel when switching between disciplines. Unfortunately my Tri season was cut short due to family medical, but I’m really excited about next season and setting some PR’s!!

    Ray Fields
    Triathlon, cycling and running
  • I am definitely seeing fantastic results. Last season before AltRed my maximum weekly running mileage was 55 and I used to be exhausted. I used to take at least 3 days to recover after 20 mile run. Now, with the help of AltRed, I just did 78 miles in a week and I am able to run again the next day after a long run of 23 miles!

    Prashantha Viswanatha
    Marathon, Triathlon
  • AltRED has enabled me get the most out of my body. I’m able to push more watts longer at a lower heart rate. It’s also greatly reduced my recovery time It has been responsible for some of my best performances this past year.

    Allen Wheeler
    Cycling, cycling, more cycling! (Road, gravel, Mtb)
  • Not only do I consistently put up better times while cycling, but after a 15+ mile run I would typically feel stiff in my knees and make it harder to even walks up steps. With AltRed my recovery time is shortened to one day.

    Chris Sixt
    running, triathlon, and cycling
  • I truly feel the AltRed helped me recover better as well as give me that slight increase in high-end power I needed to win the King of the Mountain. I was even able to drop a 2x National Champ on one of the climbs!

    Shane Moran
    Cycling (road racing), cyclocross, Mtn Bike, mountaineering, rock climbing
  • I instantly noticed a difference in my performance! I had more energy, ran faster, and felt less fatigued than I normally do on a long run. And that was after just one use… I could just go on and on. This product really excites me!

    Sara Dumich
    Triathlon, swimming, biking, running, Pure Barre
  • Since taking AltRed, I have noticed a perceivable increase in power output during training associated with a decreased heart rate and decreased labor during breathing. During extended endurance training my heart rate has averaged a 10-15% decrease with the same or increased power output. Recovery time between threshold work has decreased which has effectively increased that number and duration of threshold intervals i’m able to achieve!

    Matt Acker
    cycling, hiking, backpacking, running, climbing
  • AltRed does what every other nutrition product claims to do: It makes you faster and helps you recover better. My heart rate is down during all activates and I can generate more power and hold it for longer. I will be recommending AltRed to friends. I might stay quiet around my competitors, though!

    Eric Abbott
    Triathlon, Road Biking, Running, Mt Biking, Skiing
  • I started taking AltRed a few months ago to help get the most out of my workouts. As a full time student who also works with minimal free time, means I need to maximize the quality of my workouts. AltRed has helped give me that extra push to get through the hard workouts.

    Zack Staniak
    Mountain bikes, cyclocross. Road racing, bikepacking

*Individual results may vary. Testimonials are provided by our AtlRed Ambassadors. Ambassadors receive free or discounted product. These claims refer to effects during exercise. The claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. AltRed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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