Vicki Boyle

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

2/2019 Cowtown 1/2 Marathon

6/9/2019-IM Boulder

8/24/19-Hotter N Hell 100

9/28/19-Stonebridge Triathlon

Applied for Chicago Marathon Lottery

Fall 70.3 in Canada

How AltRed has impacted my training:

When I heard about AltRed, I was 100% interested. Mainly because of a raw ingredient. It isn’t loaded with a bunch of fillers or things your body doesn’t need. It fit into my lifestyle choices. So I gave it a go. Since I started taking AltRed (a little over a year now), I have completed my first full IM (IMFL) 21st in my age group injury free race AND training. In 2018 I focused on my cycling and shorter events. I have PRed my overall Olympic Race time. I have PRed EVERY swim since taking AltRed. I used to swim a 1:45-1:50/100 yd pace. I know consistently find myself swimming low 1:30’s. My watts on the bike have increased from 115 to 145 avg for workouts. I used to run a 8:10-8:30 min mile. While I am not there yet, I am progressively getting closer. This fall I was able to get my average down to 8:50/mile which is the best I have seen in years because I have been injury free and because of the energy Altred has given me. 2018 I went the entire year training without injury and recovering MUCH quicker than my fellow athletes. During races I find myself with much more longevity and energy than I ever have.