Scott Byram

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

Steelhead 70.3


How AltRed has impacted my training:

As a physician, I was skeptical at first to believe this product would significantly improve my performance. However after trying it just a couple times prior to hard workouts, I was convinced. I take AltRed every morning before my workout. For my long rides and runs I try to take it 1-2 hours before and then take 1 capsule every 2 hours during the workout. For me, AltRed allows me to push just a little harder and more importantly not feel as sore after hard workouts. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now, and continue to set PRs. Since I started taking AltRed, I have qualified for the IM 70.3 world championship and Kona.