Martin Crous

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

St George Marathon, UT

Revel Big Bear

Mount Hood Marathon

Revel Rockies Marathon

Berlin Marathon

Kuila Marathon

Mt Charleston Marathon

Mt Lemon Marathon

Big Cottonwood Marathon

Salt Lake City Marathon

How AltRed has impacted my training:

I am a marathon running coach and always have runners asking me for advice. I have been using AltRed everyday and am a total believer in this product as I have personally enjoyed the results. While in training I can feel it work as I push myself to the next level. It is as if I have that extra push from behind, especially when I do the hard and long workouts like speed work, hills and my long run. I do feel that it helps me with my recovery time as well. I am a believer and suggest AltRed to all those I coach as well as every runner I meet that needs an extra push in achieving better results.