Jennifer Curtin

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

Lakeside Trail 8 mile race 1/12/19

Southern Ultra Trail Relay 1/19/19

Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon 3/9/19

Boston Marathon 4/15/19

Crystal Coast Half Booty tri 5/13/19

White Lake International tri 4/27/19

Buckner Mission Man Sprint 7/27/19

Three Little Pigs Sprint 6/15/19

Atlantic City 70.3 9/15/18

How AltRed has impacted my training:

I try to take AltRed two hours prior to my run/ride. However, on those early morning runs, I just take it as soon as I get up. It still has plenty of time to take effect. I can tell that my recovery times have improved while on AltRed! I am 50 and have noticed that I need to give myself more days between hard workouts. The AltRed speeds up that process for me so I can get back to what I love to do!! I hit times during the NYC marathon training that I haven’t seen in a while. My speed sessions were in the 7:10-7:20 range and that felt great!!