Elizabeth Bain

Main Sport/ Activity:


2019 Races:

3/17 Shamrock Run 15k (Portland, OR)

4/13 Blue Ridge Marathon (Roanoke, VA)

4/28 Silicon Valley Half and Food Truck 5k (San Jose, CA)

5/5 BMO Vancouver Marathon half (Vancouver, BB)

6/29 Revel Mt. Hood (Mt. Hood, OR)

How AltRed has impacted my training:

As an adult, one of my nerdy hobbies is nutrition‚ I even have a certificate from Precision Nutrition and I am especially interested in the benefits for sports. When I started to read about the studies on beetroot juice, nitrates, and betalains, I tried several beet-based drinks (none of which I liked all that much). Then I found AltRed Betalains and all of the corresponding benefits. My discovery of AltRed coincided with the discovery that I have exercise-induced asthma and need an inhaler for extended cardio. The inhaler by itself helped, but the inhaler plus AltRed is a game-changer! Not only can I breathe, but my muscles feel better for a longer period of time while I am working out. I feel like I can go longer without exerting more effort. As an added bonus, my body feels good after a workout. I still take my rest days seriously, but I don’t feel as much pain and suffering the day after a hard workout. I would say it’s magic, except I have read the papers on PubMed.
As a recreational athlete with a day-job that demands a lot of travel, every week is different. I take AltRed before every workout and before every run. For longer races, I pack a capsule to take during the race (as speed is not necessarily my goal, and sometimes I am out there for extended periods of time). I also use AltRed before pure strength training workouts and before intense yoga classes (heated, athletic style).