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We take a different (better) approach to our beet sports supplement. AltRed is a beetroot extract but with 25% unleashed betalains. Think nitric oxide without the nitrates. The unleashed betalains help your body create its own type of nitric oxide called HbNO. HbNO lasts 10,000 times longer in your body. This allows you to sustain an activity for longer. Anti-inflammatory benefits for recovery. Oh, and there is no sugar (for real!).

What does "unleashed betalains" mean? Betalains are a unique nutrient in beets with sports performance and recovery benefits. However, we like to say that they’re found in beets, but you can’t really get them from beets. That’s where our extraction process comes in. We ‘unleash’ the betalains from the plant matrix making them significantly more absorbable in your body (over 1,000% more bioavailable)!

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