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2021 Sur Pro: Tripp Hipple

Tripp Hipple on the Bike Photo by

Name: Tripp Hipple

Sport: Triathlon 

Location: Denver, CO

Tripp began running in college as an escape from the grind of classes and studying. He didn’t have a clue triathlon existed until he graduated and reunited with a friend from high school who was racing triathlons professionally. He persuaded him to check out triathlon and the rest is history. 

Top Achievements/Results:

  • 4th place at Ironman Boulder 2019

Favorite quote: 

“You have to be odd to be number one.” -Dr. Seuss  

Favorite race/competition experience:  

My favorite race venue is Lake Placid. Second to that was Ironman Canada in Whistler. 

Headshot of Tripp Hipple Photo provided by Tripp Hipple

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