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Monica Sereda: Paracyclist

Monica Sereda on her bike at the Tokyo Paralympics Photo by Casey Gibson

Monica Sereda

Sport: Paracycling

Location: St Pete, Florida and Wallace, North Carolina 

Monica Sereda is a highly decorated Master Sergeant, who served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, with 3 deployments and countless missions under her belt. She retired in 2011 and a year later was involved in a disabling auto accident. As a result, she sustained neck and back fusions, as well as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In 2014, Monica started recumbent cycling to heal both physically and mentally and was introduced to the trike in 2015.

One year later, she was invited to her first Paracycling camp at the Olympic Camp; Paralympic Training Center (OPTC) in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2017, Monica started racing internationally and quickly rose to the top of the International rankings, following her first world championships. Since then, she has remained a member of the US National Paralympics Cycling team, competing on national and international levels. During 2021, Monica won both TT & RR Gold during World Cup 1 and made the US Tokyo Paralympic team! Monica has her sights set on 2024, with her best friend and service dog, Biscuit, by her side.

Top Achievements: 

  • 4th World Championships Time Trial 2017
  • 3rd World Cup 1 and 2 in Road Race and Time Trial 2018
  • 4th World Cup 1 in Road Race and Time Trial 2019
  • 3rd World Cup in Road Race 2019 
  • 1st World Cup 1 Road Race and Time Trial 2021
  • 4th at 2021 Tokyo Paralympics in Road Race
  • 7th at 2021 Tokyo Paralympics in Time Trial 

3 words to describe Monica: Persistent, Fearless, courageous

Favorite food: Sushi

Fun Fact about Monica: She tore down and rebuilt her 2012 Tahoe engine during 2020

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