Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

I believe in what Sur is doing. I trust the product and have seen results every race this year so far, As I am excited about this product and what it has done and the potential I have with it in the future, so I want to show this amazing product to others and help them set goals and achieve their best potential.

Alex Rubin, Backpacking, triathlons, ultra running, marathons

I am always looking to push myself in new ways, different ultra marathons and bigger, harder, and farther races. Going into new races, I know I’ll be able to accomplish the feat, but with AltRed I know I will be able to finish stronger, feeling better with a faster recovery.

Alex Rubin, Backpacking, triathlons, ultra running, marathons

Sur’s mission resonates with me because the company advocates for athletes to reach their own greatest potential. As a former overweight individual who has transformed into a triathlete working toward a full Ironman, I want anyone to know that all things are possible as long as the passion, support, and dedication are present!

Shelly Willis, Swimming, Biking, Running

I have been using AltRed for about four months and it has been amazing for me. I’m running Faster and recovering quicker than when I didn’t use it. I truly believe in the product and I love it!

Scott Johnson, Triathlon

As a runner and pre-med student I understand how AltRed works and its benefits. I’ve been skeptical about supplements like these, but after taking AltRed I’m definitely a believer. It’s helped me in so many ways during my runs and other physical activity!

Brent Heberling, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Hiking