The Phytoscience & Proven Results of AltRed™

AltRed has been tested by real athletes and proven through gold standard clinical studies* to improve performance and recovery.

clinical study #1 – PROVEN PERFORMANCE

A UC Davis double-blind crossover study on distance runners showed that AltRed users outperformed a placebo group by an average of :42 seconds in a 5k time trial!

Clinical Study #2 – Proven Recovery

Another UC Davis study*, focusing on triathletes, showed that AltRed offered significant improvement in both a 10K time trial as well as in a recovery 5K time trial that was performed 24hrs afterward. Time trial users outperformed a placebo group by an average of 54 seconds in a 10K time trial and by 45 seconds in a 5K recovery trial!

*Randomized double-blind placebo controlled crossover studies are considered the “gold standard” of epidemiological studies, ensuring the highest standards of quality and results.