The name AltRed was formed from the combination of our active ingredient, betalains, being a phytonutrient pigment that gives beets and other plants their RED color, and the fact that we’ve unleashed it (or ALTered it) from their natural state, so that you the athlete, can alter your performance. Thus – AltRed!
For best results, take once daily, 2 hours before activity.  For more advanced use on long events, see our “How to Take It” page.
AltRed™ should be active in your body during activity. This is why we recommend you take it 2 hours before, at the start of, and every two hours during activity, so that it is in your system for the duration of activity lasting over 2 hours.
Like a simple vitamin, any excess AltRed™ will exit the body unutilized. There is very little benefit to taking more than one pill at a time. With that being said, there is no reason to be concerned in taking multiple pills a day for those who work out 2x a day, or for events that are long like an Ironman or RAGNAR.
Yes, we extract our ingredients from GMO-free beet puree.
The ingredients are kosher, but the final product is not certified as packaged in a kosher facility.
Two gold-standard clinical studies have been conducted that prove positive effects for endurance athletes taking AltRed. A double-blind crossover study by UC Davis showed that AltRed™ users outperformed placebo groups by an average of :42 seconds in a 5k time trial. Check out more research here: PhytoScience.
While the betalain phytonutrient is found naturally in beets, betalains are bound and attached to sugar molecules and nitrates within the plant matrix. Our product has unleashed the betalain from the sugar and nitrates to be absorbed easily by your body.