Redefine Your Limits

AltRed is clinically proven to make athletes go faster and recover quicker

A New Paradigm in Performance and Recovery

We’ve unleashed a game-changing phytonutrient naturally found in beets called Betalain. This powerful, plant-based ingredient, exclusive to AltRed, improves oxygen delivery*, mitigates lactic acid* and protects muscles from damage* during activity.

Clinically Proven and Rigorously Tested

AltRed's athletic performance and recovery benefits are clinically proven together by two placebo controlled, double-blind, crossover University studies and years of field testing with endurance athletes.

Seriously Clean

AltRed is NSF Certified for Sport®, and Informed Choice Trusted by Sport, the two leaders in our industry. AltRed has been tested for substances prohibited in sport, and contains what is on the label.

More Watts*

More Distance*

Faster Times*

Increased Efficiency*

Reduced Markers of Muscle Damage*

Stronger Recovery*

* These claims refer to effects observed during exercise. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. AltRed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Simple and Certified Clean

Athlete Testimonials

AltRed has been instrumental in my training and racing this past year! I feel fresher, more powerful, and my aerobic engine is so much stronger when I take AltRed! It has been a game changer and was a big part in helping me qualify for my pro card!

Lisa Becharas

AltRed has allowed me to train harder at a lower perceived effort, with a quicker recovery time.

Nicholas Zambek

I have seen numerous gains while running, biking and swimming will taking this product. I believe this product is also benefiting my strength training, with no additional changes I have seen numerous gains in the gym.

Dennis Wright

I've been honestly very surprised by how much better my training and race performance has been since I started using AltRed. I not only am able to buffer the burning in my muscles better, but seem to fatigue a lot less.

Susan Oyler

All testimonials are provided by real athletes.  Athletes that are AtlRed Ambassadors may have received Ambassador discounts on products received. 

How to Take AltRed

AltRed improves endurance and recovery when taken every day before training.

On off days

Take one (1) capsule at any time

For Short Activities (< 2 hrs)

Take one (1) capsule two hours before start of training or competition

For Long Activities (2+ hrs)

Take one (1) capsule two hours before start of training or competition, one (1) capsule at start of activity, and one (1) capsule every two hours

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